Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The most memorable OA

  We went to Monet to Warhol, Children's Park, U.N Cemetery, Pukyung Restaurant, Kalguksu/Igidae and Chinese Restaurant. The most memorable OA was Monet to Warhol. Although there was only one piece of Monet and Warhol, and it was little disappointed, having a chance to see those paintings were good.

Monday, October 10, 2011

My Lucky Dream(??)

  A few weeks ago, I dreamt a mysterious dream. In the dream, there was a big event in Korea. Mr. Lee, the CEO of Sam-sung died and he left a will to many people to share his assets before he passed away. His many assets were kept in a strange cave, so many people went into the cave and took so many things freely like gold bars, money and jewels out of the cave. I also entered the cave but I took nothing in that dream. I don’t know why I acted stupidly in my dream, but just before I came out of the cave I got a piece of paper which had some numbers on it. I woke up after a long dream. When I woke up I was in a state of dim consciousness because of a strange dream. Soon I had a good idea. I made up my mind to buy a lotto(a kind of a lottery ticket) because I got some numbers in my dream. I tried to remember the numbers I had in my dream but I got only three of them. The next morning I scratched the lottery ticket dreaming of winning the lottery. In two days the winning numbers were announced, but my numbers were all wrong except one, so I felt my dream was nothing and was a little disappointed. Many people buy lottery tickets dreaming of turning their lives around like me, but luck of winning the lottery doesn’t come easily. The chance of winning the lottery is lower than the probability of death from a lightning strike.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Photoes

This photo was taken in June, 2010 when my husband proposed to me. He borrowed this small place in Seomyeon to propose three days before my wedding. When I came here, I was really frightened and happy because he prepared these things for me. These days I’m very tired from looking after my little daughter, so I really miss the time of this photo and that’s why I chose this photo.

This is my wedding photo with my friends. After the wedding ceremony, friends of mine and my husband’s came in front of the hall and we took this picture together. It was the happiest time for me.

This photo was taken when I went on my honeymoon with my husband. We went to Boracay, Philippines. Here’s the resort in which we stayed. At the dinner table we enjoyed the meal and took photoes. After dinner we enjoyed swimming in the pool and that was really fantastic because we’ve never had such an experience in Korea.

This is a photo of my honeymoon, too. In downtown Boracay, we enjoyed driving this vehicle. I don’t remember the name of this car, but anyway it was very exciting.

I took this photo about ten days ago. My baby is three months old now, so when she raised up her neck for the first time like this, I was really happy and pleased. Now I anticipate the day when she will crawl.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My TTP Courses

I am taking the following courses as part of the PUFS Teacher Training Program.

CALL, Classroom English, Cultural Understanding, Drama, ER, Fun Fun, Games, Idioms, Listening, Outdoor Activity, Pronunciation, Speaking, Survival English, TLS, TRW, Writing